Scholastic Standing Appeal Process

At the conclusion of each semester, shortly after final grades are posted, the University Registrar identifies all matriculated students who have failed to meet minimum scholastic standards for previous two semesters (i.e. their semester or cumulative GPA is less than 2.0). This report is shared with various offices including dean’s and director’s offices which are charged with making dismissal recommendations to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Students who are subject to dismissal are notified by University email that they have failed to meet minimum scholastic standards for two consecutive semesters and are subject to dismissal from the University.  Students have the opportunity to appeal their dismissal and are provided with the information listed below.

  • Web link to appeal form
  • A summary of important information for students who are subject to dismissal
  • Directions for how to submit an appeal and what to include:
    • A written statement describing the student’s academic circumstances
    • If appropriate, documentation, on letterhead, verifying the academic circumstances; types of documentation may include:
      • Letters or other documentation verifying involvement in academic support programs
      • Letters from University of Connecticut offices from whom the student has received support
    • A description of the student’s efforts to address their circumstance prior to being subject to dismissal
    • The student’s plans for future academic success
  • What will result when the student’s appeal is approved or denied
  • When students will be notified of the appeal decision.  Students seeking an expedited decision will be required to submit their complete appeal prior to the regular appeal deadline.  Both deadlines will be included in the letter and email that they receive informing them of the appeal process.

Students who do not submit an appeal by the deadline indicated in their notification correspondence will be dismissed.

Student access to information for preparing and submitting dismissal appeals

Faculty/staff access to information on reviewing appeals and submitting recommendations