Tips for a Successful Appeal

(note that this does not guarantee your retention at the university)

  1. Ensure you submit your appeal by the published deadline.
  2. Fill out all sections of the appeal form. Take time to reflect on your answers and fully respond to each question.
    • Include a clear narrative of any additional factors and extenuating circumstances that led to your current academic status for full consideration in this process as well as any steps that you have taken to resolve any issues or improve your academic performance.
    • Examples of additional factors or extenuating circumstances: illness, death in the family, mental health struggles, changes in living situation. 
  3. Remember to include all pertinent documentation to support your appeal. This documentation should be on letterhead, where applicable.
    • This might include:
      • Medical documentation
      • Letter from course instructors
      • Other supporting documentation
  4. If you are having trouble filling out your appeal form or have any questions about what to include in your appeal, reach out to your advisor for assistance.