International Students

Expedited Appeal Decision Deadline: Friday, May 17th at 11:59PM

For international students who are in the U.S. on a student visa, your academic standing is directly related to your visa status. If you are academically dismissed from the University, you may lose your student visa status. You must communicate with your international advisor at ISSS to learn how an academic dismissal impacts your visa.

Students who are subject to academic dismissal have the option to appeal that decision. An appeal means that you are asking the University to reconsider their decision to dismiss you, based on the new information you provide in your appeal.

    Appeal Status Impact on Visa Options
    Appeal is submitted and approved You may continue at UConn on your student visa Enroll full time at UConn for the next semester, to maintain student visa status.

    Appeal is submitted and denied, or you do not submit an appeal

    • Option 1–Request Admission to the UCAELI Pathway Program at UConn, Storrs Campus.
      • Students in the Pathway Program take a combination of UCAELI English Language and Academic Skills courses in addition to UConn non-degree course work. Not all students may be eligible to participate in the Pathway Program. Contact for more information.
    • Option 2–Request to transfer your SEVIS record and I-20 to a new U.S. school where you have been accepted.
      • Your visa status will remain active only if you are admitted to the new school before your effective dismissal date.
      • Your new school must begin within 5 months of when you last studied at UConn, or their next available term, whichever comes first.
    • Option 3–Depart the U.S. as soon as possible.

    VERY IMPORTANT: ISSS recommends that all students who want to continue their studies in the U.S. apply to alternate schools as soon as you learn you could be subject to dismissal.  This will provide you with options to stay and continue your studies, in the event you are dismissed. Do not wait to find out if you are dismissed before applying to alternate schools.

    Expedited appeal process vs. standard appeal process:

    UConn offers an expedited appeal option to international students. If you select the expedited appeal, you will be required to submit your appeal earlier than the standard appeal deadline, which means you will have less time to prepare your appeal. However, you will receive a decision on your appeal more quickly than through the standard appeal process.

    Reasons for requesting an expedited appeal decision (getting an earlier decision than the standard appeal decision date):

    • If you were planning to return home for the winter or summer break because the outcome may impact your ability to return to the U.S. after break.
    • If you were planning to return to your home country upon dismissal, because learning your decision sooner can give you more time to prepare for your departure before your dismissal is effective.

    Benefits of a standard appeal for international students:

    • You will have more time to prepare a quality appeal request.

    Other points for international students to consider:

    • International students cannot enroll in UConn non-degree coursework and maintain their student visa unless they are admitted to the UCAELI Pathway Program. See above for dismissal options and contact your ISSS Advisor.
    • International students living on campus will be required to move out of your residence hall rooms immediately upon dismissal. You should plan for this possibility well in advance, if on academic probation.
    • International students who intend to return to the University after dismissal must work closely with your advising center and International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to ensure you meet the academic and visa requirements for readmission to the University.