Next Steps after Readmission

Contact your Academic Advisor

Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor in order to plan and register for courses for the upcoming term.

  • Look up your advisor’s name in Student Admin (your advisor may have changed) and schedule an advising appointment. If you do not have an advisor assigned to you yet, reach out to your Advising or Student Services Center for your school/college or regional campus.

Complete Required Tasks for a Successful Return

Ensure you have completed other essential tasks for your return to UConn, including applying for housing and financial aid, paying any required bills, sending final transcripts for courses completed elsewhere to Transfer Admissions, and connecting with necessary supports and resources to ensure your successful transition.

    Fulfill Your Academic Standing Requirements

    Because your GPA did not meet the University’s minimum scholastic standards during the last Fall or Spring semester you attended as a matriculated (degree-seeking) student, you will have a probationary semester when you are readmitted to UConn.

    The following requirements apply to all students readmitted after a prior academic dismissal:

    • You are limited to 14 credits for your returning semester.
    • You are required to complete the Academic Success Plan (ASP).
      • Fill out your ASP as soon as possible; however, you may not have access to this form until the first day of your returning semester.
    • You will have a scholastic standing hold (“SSH” hold) on your account as of Day 11 of the semester.
      • To have this hold removed, and to be able to register for classes for the next semester, you will need to meet with your Academic Success Advisor, after completing your Academic Success Plan (ASP).
    • You must meet with your Academic Success Advisor to discuss your Academic Success Plan (ASP) and academic goals for your probationary semester.

    To be removed from probation for your next semester, you must meet the university’s minimum scholastic requirements. Schools/colleges may also have additional or supplementary standards for students in their programs.

    Consider Participating in UConn Connects

    We encourage readmitted students to consider participating in the UConn Connects Program. UConn Connects provides students with the skills and support needed for academic success. Participants are provided with the opportunity to meet weekly with an assigned faculty, staff, or undergraduate peer mentor. This program is especially helpful during your transition back to life as a UConn student during your semester of readmission. Note: UConn Connects is not currently available on all campuses.