Conditions of Probation and Retention

Students who have successfully appealed their academic dismissal or who have been readmitted to the University with the scholastic status “subject to dismissal” or “dismissal”, whose status changed because their temporary grades changed to F’s, or those with an academic standing status of scholastic warning or probation will be subject to the following scholastic conditions:

  • Academic Standing: Students will remain on scholastic probation/subject to dismissal while either their semester GPA or cumulative GPA is below 2.0.
  • Course Registration: An enrollment limit will be placed on the student’s account. Depending on their status some students will be limited to 13 credits, while others will be limited to 14 credits. Students will be notified by email of their credit limit.
  • Academic Success Plan: Students must complete the ASP and then meet with an academic success advisor.
    • If you are a returning student, you will not be able to access the Academic Success Plan until the start of your returning semester.
  • Hold: A hold (SSH, or Scholastic Standing hold) will be placed on the student’s StudentAdmin account on Day 11 of each semester which will remain in effect until the student has met with an advisor from the following Contact List.
  • Academic Success Advisor Meeting: Students on scholastic warning or probation will have a registration hold (“SSH”, or Scholastic Standing hold) on your account. In order to have this hold removed and to be able to register for classes for the upcoming semester, students must meet with their Academic Success Advisor in their advising or student services center.
  • Financial Aid: Students who receive financial aid may lose their aid for the following semester if they don’t make Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Students who are at risk of losing financial aid will be contacted by the Office of Student Financial Aid Services. Go to Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress for more information.

Student link to Academic Success Plan